“Grigna d'Oro” Civic Merit to Icma’s President Silvia Buzzi

A recognition of entrepreneurial talent and, above all, attention to the world of associations, the territory, and society.
These were the reasons why, on Friday the 24th January 2020, the Municipal Council of Mandello del Lario gave the second annual “Grigna d'oro” civic merit award to the entrepreneur Silvia Buzzi, President of Icma Sartorial Paper.

In motivating their choice for the award, the Municipal Council cited that Mrs. Silvia Buzzi had taken on the role as leader of the family company Icma, founded by her grandmother Matilde Carcano, and had “brought about great development”.
On her initiative, since 1996, Icma has awarded scholarships to its employees’ children, “setting an example of attention to workers’ families and lending a real hand for the growth of new generations”.
The Municipal Council also mentioned the President’s commitment to Confindustria, with the promotion of female entrepreneurship and the numerous contributions for the redevelopment of various facilities in the territory.

We are delighted to be able to share this valuable recognition with you all!