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Rinascimento turns waste paper from client companies into elegant recycled creative paper— the protagonist of the companies’ own packaging projects.

Compared to recycled paper for luxury packaging, the unique elements of Rinascimento are:

Short geographical supply chain, 100% made in Italy, from waste to box, reducing transport-related emissions by up to 79%.

Short production chain, the paper is produced directly from waste paper and not, as usual, from recycled cellulose sheets, halving the emissions linked to the production process.

The environmental impact of the project is quantitatively measured using LCA software for the calculation of CO2E emissions "from cradle to gate" (from the collection of the waste paper to the exit of the paper from the Icma gates).

100% Recycled

Since 2020, with the birth of our first 100% recycled KIND collection, we have chosen to progressively replace virgin supports with 100% recycled papers, FSC Recycled Credit certified, produced with an integrated cycle, i.e. without the intermediate step of producing recycled cellulose which translates into lower consumption of water, energy and CO2 emissions.

KIND is our collection of 100% recycled papersSILVERGOLD, and METALLIC are the new collections enriched with recycled-base options.

The new 100% recycled papers have been designed to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible from a circular-economy perspective, without compromising on the aesthetic and functional quality.

The LCA analysis

The LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) analysis evaluates a product’s environmental impact in terms of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e).

Today, all outgoing paper from ICMA is traced in accordance with the LCA method “from cradle to gate”, that is, from the tree (or from the waste for recycled papers), to the point of exit through ICMA’s gates. For each paper, including those manufactured through the Rinascimento service, we can measure the CO2-equivalent emissions and, with our customers, set up action plans for their reduction, meeting the requirements of all brands concerned with their environmental impact.

News & Journal

Innovations in the paper industry

  • Avant-Garde 2024 Award

    ICMA, together with Cartotecnica Modena, has won Packaging Première Avant-Garde 2024 Award in Sustainability Category with Rinascimento, the innovative circular economy process that turns waste paper from client companies into elegant recycled creative paper.

  • Con-vivium project

    ICMA takes part in the Con-vivium project: twelve chefs donated their recipes for a gift planner supporting the Casa della Carità in Lecco. 

  • The Laetitia Forest

    442 cacao, banana, and avocado seedlings planted by ICMA have taken root in Cameroon.

  • Investments for Recovery 2022

    ICMA is replacing its gas heating system with a high-efficiency electrically-powered system.

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