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Impact Report 2021

As a Benefit Corporation, ICMA proposes to create value for its community and for the world.

The Impact Report is a tool that aims to assess the tangible effects produced by the company’s choices in the social, environmental, and sustainability spheres, against its defined objectives.

Today, in this first impact report, the company wishes to communicate with its customers and community using the utmost transparency about what actions have been tangibly carried out to protect the environment and favor the social development of the area and what the next planned steps are.

Doing business means contributing to a better future for everyone.

Icma is a B Corp®!

As of May 2020, after surmounting a long and thorough assessment process, Icma has become part of the B Corp® group, a global movement involving companies that want to make their contribution to historic cultural change to protect the environment and favor social development.

Being a Benefit Corporation means voluntarily committing to a journey of continuous improvement concerning environmental impact, the wellbeing of employees, the active role in the community to which the company belongs, but also to the general mission of the company, including ethics, responsibilities, and transparency; all of this while maintaining the nature of an organization that pursues economic goals.



Rinascimento, an innovative circular economy process, is Icma’s latest creation, aimed at providing a service with added value for the client, the end-user, and the environment.

Rinascimento turns cellulosic scraps from the client companies into elegant recycled creative paper— the protagonist of the companies’ own packaging projects.

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Innovations in the paper industry

  • News from the Laetitia Forest!

    442 cacao, banana, and avocado seedlings planted by ICMA have taken root in Cameroon.

  • Investments for Recovery 2022

    ICMA is replacing its gas heating system with a high-efficiency electrically-powered system.

  • METALLIC collection

    You got a first taste at Packaging Première Milan and Luxe Pack Paris.
    Now we’d like to tell you a little more about our new METALLIC collection, which has reorganized and expanded ICMA’s metalized papers, now available in four color palettes.


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