The Environmental Review and Contextual Analysis 2023

To Icma, economic sustainability has always been a modus operandi to lay solid foundations for growth, just as environmental sustainability, along with attention to the local community, has always been at the center of its strategies.

With the Environmental Review and Context Analysis 2023 Icma takes stock of the actions made to reduce the environmental impact of its processes and products during the 2015-2020 period. 

In addition to analyzing the historical data, the document also establishes a plan of action for 2021 and 2022. Its goal is to create and nourish a virtuous cycle, aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of Icma’s manufacturing processes year by year.


Our new photocatalytic facade

The facade of the ICMA factory, with a surface area of 500 square meters, was modernized in late 2021 using photocatalytic paint that enables the absorption of CO 2, the facade is capable of removing the pollution of approximately 16,000 cars per year, the amount absorbed by a 500 m 2 forest of tall trees.

We made this choice to contribute to the better cleaning of the air in the Mandello del Lario town center.

This paint reflects the sun’s rays and keeps the spaces cooler, saving (up to 30%) of the electricity needed for air-conditioners. It can capture and remove the toxins contained in car exhaust fumes (up to 88%), bacteria, mold, and spores (up to 99.9%) that come in contact with the wall, as well as unpleasant odors and volatile organic compounds, turning them into substances that are non-hazardous to health. 

Icma is FSC certified

The company has had FSC Chain of Custody certification since August 2009.
Certificate Code: COC-000067
Licence Code: FSC-C019505

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification

In December 2017, ICMA Sartorial Paper obtained the latest and updated version of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification.

The ISO 9001:2015 constitutes for ICMA the endorsement of a policy that has been pursuing since its foundation: to create papers with measurable quality standards and with highly innovative and original aesthetic characteristics.

We use environmentally friendly raw materials

We are constantly updated on REACH regulations.

Icma works with natural mineral fillers, obtained without having to open dedicated quarries. So we recycle the scraps of select natural materials resulting from their main applications.

We produce paper without heavy metals. Even aluminium, although not a heavy metal, has been eliminated from our coatings to avoid eco-compatibility issues at the end of the lifecycle of the paper, which could otherwise not be composted or incinerated.

Our laboratories have studied coatings that minimize the use of chlorine so as to offer our customers ECF (Elementary Chlorine Free) and TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) papers. Moreover, Icma products are free from phthalates, which are toxic if ingested by young children.


Icma papers are recyclable.

In turn, we recycle production scraps, consisting mostly of paper and cardboard, returning them to the recycled paper market.

Reduced consumption and attention to emissions

Icma coatings are water-based. Our processing, therefore, does not entail the evaporation and dispersion of solvents.

Our papers are air-dried using a modern, low-emission natural gas boiler.

We are careful about the consumption of potable water and its recycling.

We have always recycled all the water from the manufacturing process and, to reduce the amount of potable water used, we purify the wastewater by distilling it for reuse during processing instead of throwing it away.

Energy saving and self-production using renewable sources

Our systems are constantly upgraded and improved to lower the required amount of energy consumed.

Icma produces most of its required electricity using photovoltaic panels installed on the roofs of the facility.


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